Implementasi Algoritma Apriori Terhadap Data Penjualan Oli Mobil Berbasis Sistem Pencarian Aturan Asosiasi

Jorza Rulianto, Wida Prima Mustika


Data mining techniques are used to design effective sales or marketing strategies by utilizing sales transaction data that is already available in the company. The problem in the company is that there are many data transactions that occur unknown, causing an accumulation of data unknown sales most in each month & year, unknown brands of car oil are often sold or demanded by customers. So this association search uses a priori algorithm as a place to store data using pattern recognition techniques such as static and mathematical techniques from a set of relationships (associations) between items obtained, it is expected that can help developers in designing marketing strategies for goods in the company. Software testing results that have been made have found the most sold oil brand products if you buy Shell Hx7, it will buy Toyota Motor Oil with 50% support and 66.7% confidence. If you buy Toyota Motor Oil, you will buy Shell Hx 7 with 50% support and 85.7% confidence.

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