Analisis Pola Pembelian Obat di Apotek Sekar Adi Menggunakan Metode Algoritma Apriori Depok

Siti Awaliyah Rachmah Sutomo, Frisma Handayanna


By using data mining methods can be processed to obtain information and assist in decision making, the amount of data on sales transactions in each drug purchase can cause a data accumulation and various problems, such as drug stock inventory, and sales transaction data, with Data mining techniques, the behavior of consumers in making transactions of drug purchase patterns can be analyzed, It can be known what drugs are commonly purchased by mostly people, the application of Apriori Algorithm is expected to help in forming a combination of itemset. The process of determining drug purchase patterns can be carried out by applying the Appriori algorithm method, determination of drug purchase patterns can be done by looking at the results of the consumer's tendency to buy drugs based on a combination of 3 itemset. By calculating the Analysis of High Frequency Patterns and the Formation of Association Rules, with a minimum of 30% support, there is a combination of 3 itemsset namely MOLAGIT PER TAB (M1), VIT C TABLET (V2), and PARACETAMOL 500 MG TABLET (P2) with 33.33 % support results obtained, and with minimum confidence of 65% there are 6 final association rules.

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